OK, I guess I'm thick... (General)

by JED @, Wednesday, May 07, 2008, 19:50 (4959 days ago) @ ralphdn

... but I come to http://mylittleforum.net/ and I see a single link to a "project discussion forum," and no forum links for version-oriented forums, only separate version-oriented download links. The forum link brings me here. So please tell me where I can find the appropriate forum and I'll be glad to go there and leave you guys alone...


Hi Ralph,

there are some MLF 1.7 leftovers at http://www.mylittlehomepage.net/forum/forum.php which seem almost dead and a german version at http://www.mylittlehomepage.net/forum_de/forum.php with somewhat more of activity...

The red icons show up when replies in the threads have been posted since the users last logoff, which is stored in the database. So the thread and the postings will be flagged unread this way - but answers not read before the last logoff will not remain marked.

If You are not logged in, it depends on a cookie and if there is no cookie, it seems to be a fixed interval "back from now", maybe one day - I didn't track that back. There may be inconsistencies in the logged out state if You've been logged on before.

It's kinda 'cheap' approach to avoid storing all-unread-postings-by-category semaphores or the like in the user tables.


N.B.: You're not that thick, as the aforementioned links are withdrawn from Alex homepage - only some bookmarks out in the wild...

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