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by ralphdn, Monday, April 28, 2008, 08:51 (4968 days ago) @ Per Bylund

I hadn't seen this posting when I requested the same thing above.

This isn't only for protection against spammers, it's terribly important for protection against destructive individuals whose goal it is to make the forum administrator close the forum or at least limit its activity to registered users, which effectively stifles the forum because nothing happens anymore.

I'd really like to see a response on this from someone from mlf if possible!

All the best,

- posting content to the forum without registration, waiting for administrator approve,

That's actually not a bad idea, at least in combination with a spam filter. I have a problem with spammers somehow getting around the "addition" spam filter I've implemented. But perhaps the problems I'm having are due to my using the 1.6 version?

Per Bylund

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