Time code format and words not accepted (General)

by xoan, Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 00:16 (4974 days ago) @ transac

Hi all,

Does any body know how to change the 24 hour format in lang file to 12 hour format ? I changed from %H:%M to %h:%M but it turns to month and minute.

Try with %I:%M %p or simply %r (check http://php.net/strftime or `date' manpage)

Second question is in the Spam Protection/Not Accepted Words, some words will be blocked if you add another character after that. For example, I set the word LON not accepted in Mlf then if i post the words LONG or LON they will not be accepted, but the word LO is ok. Is this the bug or any body know the way to solve that problem ?

I don't use spam protection, but if it works as you say, seems that it's a bug.

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