Links with target=_top? (General)

by Michael @, Friday, April 18, 2008, 13:21 (4978 days ago) @ Michael

... well, while searching around, I had to learn that specialists see these target=_"blank" links as an annoyance. But I could not see why. For me it's an annoyance to go back all the time after following a link to somewhere ... But: Anyway.

Somone in a former thread traced a way to define links as opening in a blank:

Change the (X)HTML-variant from 'Strict' 'Transitional':

Change all scripts/templates to generate links of the form

a href="http://domain.tdl/foo.htm" target="_blank"

... can anyone explain in which files these changes should be done? I tried it with the but it gave me lots of errors.

Thanx in advance, I don't want to annoy anyone, but me and my friends would love to have extra-opening windows ....

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