Bug in lay-out? (General)

by JED @, Wednesday, February 06, 2008, 12:09 (5002 days ago) @ Otto

When I open a message in the thread (for instance message 2189), and then view the source code I see a couple of </li></ul> pairs (in message 2189 I see 5 pairs), without being preceded by the corresponding opening tags. This looks not correct.

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Hi Otto,

as it's a bit fundamental, try that:

paste the source code to the Validate by Direct Tnput textbox at W3C and press [Check]

You'll see, it validates. Then add one </li></ul> pair to the list and press [Revalidate]...

So it must be correct - and You get to know that without stressing the eyes and the 'neuroparser' with finding the correct pairings ... ;-)

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