Solved! (Bugs)

by Nico Hoffmann @, Tuesday, December 18, 2007, 22:20 (4588 days ago) @ Nico Hoffmann


I installed mylittleforum 1.7 and made a first entry in the forum. Everything was o.k.

Some minutes later I revisited my forum (reload, browser back and so on), but now I receive only empty pages. It seems that my browser receives pages without content: There is no error (404, etc), but if I do a 'view source' there is only white space.

This behaviour applies to all .php-pages, I found it also for info.php, admin.php, etc.

O.K., and that caused this 'error':

For the forum I got a MySQL-db with username and password.
I did the installation an the first entry with the provider-given db-passoword.

After that i remembered my providers hint to choose a more cryptic password
than the default one, and I changed the password.

Of course, in db_settings.php was still the old password, and the php script could not access the database. Result is white pages with nothing in it...

After correcting the password everything is fine now.

Maybe a 'catching' of such an error (no access to db) is possible, then a
output of an error message would be nice.
Or is that in v2.0 already implemented?


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