different titelview of mlf between msie6.0 and 7.0?! (Bugs)

by Forummaster of DTF @, Friday, November 30, 2007, 17:02 (4602 days ago)


i use mlf and i added something (text and pics) under the forumtitle.
until now my defaultbrowser was msie 6.0 (winxp+sp2) and there was a correct view without any problems.

then i did a test with msie 7.0. :-(
the additionals of the forumtitle disapears behind the line of "sub-navigation"?!
and i'm sure, the forumusers will be handicaped, too.

if you have the possibility to use this both browsertypes, try the template-file of my testforum. then you can see the placement of text and logos but also the shifted look.

--> http://udtf.ud.ohost.de/forum/dtf-template_sicher.html

did anyone make the same experiences?
what's the reason? handles msie 7.0 the div classes in a different way?
is it a setting in msie7.0?
is it a bug of the mlf script?

i hope anybody can give me a hint to fix this problem.

(answers or priv. mails in german are possible, too)

thanks and bye
DTF forummaster

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