Bug in beta 15 (Bugs)

by Alex ⌂ @, Friday, October 19, 2007, 14:38 (4640 days ago) @ Special

Between, I wanna ask, Can't we expect Captcha in upcoming versions?

As Akismet works really good I thought CAPTCHA isn't necesary anymore. But in order to be independent from this service I'll think about it!

And just now I found one thing while adding reply in this textarea box, I have slow internet connection, maybe javascript loaded slowly, but when I wrote about a line of text and then only the quoted text was hidden along with what i had written till now. And it became mess I had to reformat text. And mylittleforum is faster ppl in slow connection, maybe you should consider this thing too.

Yes, maybe it's too slow on the onload event. I'll try to put in in the body after the textarea.


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