Bug in beta 15 (Bugs)

by Alex ⌂ @, Friday, October 19, 2007, 00:58 (4416 days ago) @ Otto

After some tweaks (for instance added the avatar fields in the database), ...

BTW: the SQL queries to update can be found in the change log.

I have installed build 15, but also no thread view. Then I started examining where it went wrong. After 3 hours of code crawling, I found the cause in the file "thread.inc.php" It appears that the PHP interpreter crashed on the instruction on line 103:
if(!($data['formated_time'] = @iconv($lang['server_default_charset'], $lang['charset'], strftime($lang['time_format_full'], $data['disp_time']))))

OK, thank you Otto, I will look at it! These lines convert the date string into utf-8 because strftime() doesn't provide an utf-8 string (this can cause problems with non English weekdays or month names).


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