Big user of MLF, and some suggestions... (General)

by Bruno Brazil, Thursday, October 11, 2007, 22:51 (5120 days ago)

Hi all !!

I just wanted to say that I have used a version of MLF for my group of watch collectors...

We are by now 1400 members in the forum, and this because I delete "dead" users every month !!

The forum has been up for something like 7 months, so we have "only" 27000 messages...

Ihave made myself some changes to the forum... small ones, but important for us !

They concerned some details in the styles, but also on the message form, and other points. I added some previously unsupported bbcode (but this is much better implemented in your version 2 !!), and buttons to use it, but we also set up "avatars", and we created a small icon to indicate that the message has a pic in it... We also listed the connected members, on the bottom... Besides that, I added a chat room, only visible if you're logged in.

Maybe it would be nice to get some of these features in version 2...
One other I would like to have, is to know how many messages each member has posted : this helps me define wich members are alive or not...

Finally, when you get a thread with nearly 100 answers, not splitting it into pages can be a little bit difficult...

Besides all that, I just wantde to say we all LOVE using MLF, simply because it fitted EXACTELY our needs, since we were on Parsimony before that... And that the stability is amazing !! The database is so compact and easy to get into... GREAT JOB !

Cheers !


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