BBCodes and JavaScript, Search (Bugs)

by Alex ⌂ @, Saturday, September 22, 2007, 14:23 (4458 days ago) @ Alfie

Hi Alfie,

just realised, that Buttons to insert BBCodes into a message right to the textarea are not functional without JavaScript.

Yes, that's true and it would be more "clean" to generate them with JavaScript. But I also wonder whether it really makes sense to blow up the code for a negligible amount of users who deactivated JS. Furthermore by default JS is activated in all common browsers and I think if someone deactivates JS he knows what he does and knows about the resulting restrictions. But I agree that all important functions should work without JS!
Without JS the buttons at least show the titles like "Format text in bold: [b]Text[/b]". But if you made it for v. 1.7 we can of course take it up (and also for v. 2 - here it should just be a template issue)!

The search function is also problematic, e.g., a search for fooxyzbar will give no result, because BBCodes within a word are not stripped prior to the query.

Right, should be fixed!


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