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by Willy, Wednesday, September 05, 2007, 12:36 (5371 days ago) @ HamString

it KILLS me to see all these people wanting to use v1.7 !

it kills ME to loose all the hours of Work to code in functions our useres missed in MLF.

There are allways 2 sides of a coin.

MLF2 beta gives no really needed improvement to me.

What is wrong with the new and improved 2.0 people?
OK, is there ever going to be a version that will make people switch from v1.7???

As long as Alex keeps his definition of little
MLF 2.0 is a step back and we will not switch.

We are pleased with his great Job to code MLF.
But MLF 2 (in its actual state) does not hit our wishes.

just my 2 ct.


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