Changing subject asking about php 8.2 compatibility and themes (General)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, September 18, 2023, 08:49 (276 days ago) @ Zetrader


It seems to work nice as guest also 😊
Test link :

What about the themes?

Generally, you are able to change the default theme with the price of loosing changes in case of an update and you forgetting to adapt your own changes to the updated files. You are also able to build your own theme (on top of the default theme or from scratch) and to install it in a separate directory beside the default theme. The task to adapt necessary changes to your own theme in case of a script update remains.

Is it compatible with PHP 8.2?

There are a few issues with PHP 8.2 in the current version (it's from August 2022). We can currently only guarantee compatibility up to PHP version 8.1.

By the way is there some chat we can integrate?

No, there isn't.

PS : really nice option to be able to edit your message as a guest with a limited time, I didn't see that in phpbb or punbb.

This is a configurable feature. As a forum operator one can disable or enable it, can restrict it to be available only for registered users or the forum team (moderators and administrators) and can set the time limit. Additionally one can supress the message about an edit of a posting in case of an edit by a forum team member.

I don't see a way to put tags as guest, is it for members only?

Actually this is a feature, that is only available for registered users.


Hehe (after the translation with deepl.com). 😁

It would be a good CMS for Zeforums.com

Yes, a forum operator is able to generate pages aside the forums own content (with writing the HTML for the pages in the pages section in the administration area of the forum) and one can misuse the forum in itself as a CMS but but I recommend not to do so. There are to many restrictions compared to real CMS's, coming from the purpose of a forum software.

There was several people in the history of this forum software, who ran into these restrictions and, as a result of this, made requests for features, that contradicts the the purpose of the software to provide a dedicated forum software.

Tschö, Auge

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