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by Auge ⌂, Sunday, August 13, 2023, 19:57 (307 days ago) @ Tommy Nilsson


After I changed PHP version from 8.0 to 8.1, the forum on my website throws a “HTTP error 500” for foreign IP-numbers. A handful of users in Denmark also reports this error. The rest of the website works normal for all users. I can´t reproduce the error as I don´t get it:

Exact same problem on my swedish website, where the forum is blocked for a handful of users after switching to PHP 8.1:

There was a few reports about cases of HTTP-status 500 in the nearer past. One is yours from march 2023, the other report (in German language) is from february 2023. Yours was about unregistered visitors not being able to send e-mails over the forums own contact form and the one was about users (the author means logged in users) not being able to creating new entries but admins are.

After re-reading the old threads I would like to summarise as follows.

- Both reports are about MLF version 20220803.1.
- The PHP version was 8.0 in your report and 8.1 in the other report, but the problem seems to be only indirectly related to the PHP-version.
- Both reports was about features, which involves spam checks.
- You deactivated the setting akismet_mail_check and your problem disappeared.
- BlindFish1003 deactivated the spam check of new entries and that solved his issue.
- Micha said, that he has no such problems with PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 but he also stated, that he does not use Akismet and Stop Forum Spam in his forum.

In the other reports the issue was obviously the Akismet spam check. When it was deactivated, the issues didn't occure.

My assumption is now, that your acute issue is kind of related to the old reports even the problem is not nearly the same. I have a question about your report. What do you mean with "foreign IP-numbers"? IPs from foreign countries? Is it "foreign" in the meaning of not from the country, where the server resides or what the top level domain (in your cases .dk and .se) is for? Or in another meaning?

As far as I remember the forum script does not actively evaluate the IP of the visitor with the exception of the spam checks a forum operator can activate.

I have asked my webhotel (One.com) but with no reply yet.

I hope, that clarifies things a bit more.

I hope, we can solve these annoying issues.

So far from me and tschö, Auge

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