Any other websites using MLF? (General)

by Thoma, Saturday, July 01, 2023, 21:30 (240 days ago) @ Max

I built a gaming community forum on this engine and tried to make it look a bit more modern. The players still call it old fashioned, many don't understand the "threads" and how to use it. I was thinking of replacing the Reply Subjects with the first sentence of the response message or the first 100 characters for example to make it more intuitive.

Also, some bugs were fixed (ex: png transparency for avatars), added the image zoom on click (medium-zoom.js), removed the "index.php" from the urls, added instant.js.

Here's my verdict. I really like the threaded forums, it's pretty clear for me, it helps to avoid turning the forum into an endless chat. But for the new generations and the general purpose forums, I think it's over for now. Maybe, and I hope it will be "rediscovered" in the future to become cool again.

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