I need to leave empty space for some sentences or words (Technics)

by Zhou Liuxi @, Beijing, China, Monday, December 05, 2022, 14:57 (562 days ago)

Dear friend(s):
I'm a new hand in making internet texts. From time to time, I need to leave empty space for some sentences or words. For example, I would need to make the two lines (A) into another two lines (B):
(A) Summer heat today (B) Summer heat today
In its torrid way, In its torrid way,
But when I push the words in the second line to the righthand direction,although the related words seem to have been pushed rightward, in fact that is not effective: when I come back to the finished text (to be shown to the readers), nothing has been done. I understand that I have not used any program rules (for example, in someone's program, I should have typed in some blocks [or bricks] to mean that this place must be empty as long as five letters). Please kindly tell me how to do it.
Thank you!

I am told to write a letter for help in this place; and I expect to receive your answer here. But I
also reserve an Email address for your potential use: zhouliuqi2013@163.com.

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