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by Auge ⌂, Friday, August 12, 2022, 10:03 (416 days ago) @ holger


I have some question about this new, useful feature. Because I used the dataset of the production site to the test site (export/import DB) and this feature is by default enabled, it starts to send email to very inactive user.
So I want to disable this on the test site because the user will not login to the test site and the email (in 3 years) ;-) will confuse them.

There are two setting in the expert view:
delete_inactive_users (default 30 day) and
notify_inactive_users (default 3 years)

Will the change of this values to 0 disable this?

Yes, it will. Generally setting notify_inactive_users to 0 should be enough. But if the feature was enabled before, the setting delete_inactive_users will take effect ans those users who was informed before and didn't react to the message will be deleted.

So if your testing forum informed inactive users before you deactivated this feature, you should not only set notify_inactive_users to 0 but also set delete_inactive_users to 0.

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