Next day, next bug with 20220508.1 and 20220509.1 (General)

by Auge ⌂, Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 17:04 (706 days ago)


I was informed in a new Github issue (#601) about a bug in the collection of database queries for the installation. This is especially annoying because I tested the fresh installation with both versions 20220508.1 and 20220509.1 and my installation attempts was successful.

I found the cause and prbt2016, who opened the issue, stated, that the fix solved the bug. But, it revealed another bug, that only occures with MySQL-versions up to 5.6.x. I myself run my installations with MySQL 5.7 and could not imagine to run into such a problem.

When we introduced the support of utf8mb4 we ourself came across the problem, that a column, defined as varchar(255) that was indexed, exceeded the maximal possible size of an index. Because of that we resized the user name of a registered user from 255 Bytes to 128 Bytes. One of the later changes was to change the definition of most of the database tables to use the charset utf8mb4, what makes all text columns using utf8mb4, if not defined otherwise. We also added an index for the column user_email that has a size of 255 Bytes. You see, where this will end?

Well, IMHO we can not half size of the column for the e-mail-addresses to 128 Bytes. E-mail-addresses can be longer than that. Because of that I decided to test another solution, that defines the column user_email as charset utf8 without mb4 and because of that with no chance to exceed the maximal index size. I was only able to thest this scenario with a MySQL-server of version 5.7 in a 5.5-compatibility mode. I was able to install the forum with the new definition. On the other hand I can not say anything about the result of a installation attempt on a real MySQL-5.5-server.

I added a PR (#602) with my changes contemporary and would be thankful if someone is able to test the fresh installation of MLF in version 20220509.1 on a server, that is connected to an instance of MySQL 5.5.x (x >= 3) or MySQL 5.6.x.

Thank you, tschö, Auge

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