Emails not sent at all, period (General)

by AlmostAnonymous, Saturday, November 20, 2021, 04:48 (558 days ago)

The problem I'm experiencing is as follows:

MLF "forgot password" doesn't work for me or anyone else. I'm not sure it ever did work, or it worked a while and then decided to stop working. (Basically users have to email me to get a password and new user registration can't work without manual intervention.)

Running 2.4.21.

PHP 7.3.

Site is hosted on

Both access log and error log are turned ON, yet I only see the one GET request in the access log and nothing in the error log when I attempt the forgot password function.

I checked NFS's support forum. The admin guys there basically point the finger back at invalid headers in the email or exceeding the spam limits. (Apparently I am at least getting the PHP mail() or whatever function to be called because I see the quota of sendable emails increment in my website control panel on NFS every time I attempt a forgot password.)

I'm attempting a forgot password using a standard free Gmail address as the destination, and spam, trash and all folders on that account never show anything received.

I'm flying totally blind. NFS's logging is crap, doesn't show anything. I don't know the templating scheme of MLF at all and the source code is a mystery to me. I have no diagnostic tools whatsoever.

What do I do? I pawed through the MLF configuration items ("forum settings"), and there seem to be no items related to controlling email sending.

NFS may be a low end web host but this forum is basically a volunteer thing that receives no revenue, and I'm not interested in buying better hosting.

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