Anmeldung klappt nicht: "error_email_wrong" (German / Deutsch)

by Tommy Nilsson ⌂, Sunday, November 08, 2020, 12:09 (555 days ago) @ Mathias

I think I have a similar problem as mentioned in this thread (although my german sucks).
"error_email_wrong" is thrown when trying to register or trying to write to me in the standard form:

There were 2 "error_email_wrong" entries in the lang-file but deleting one of them didn´t change anything.

I have tested with a variety of email addresses like .dk .se .com and in different browsers.

Some users are able to register though - latest user registration was on 31. October.

PHP-version: 7.4
MLF-version: 2.4.13

What to do?


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