Release of version 2.4.24 - Need to update the 'update' page (General)

by shian, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 09:59 (1225 days ago)

Thank you for version 2.4.24.

I just installed it.

There are three TOFIX in the 'Update' page:

  • 1. In addition to uploading the new files to the 'update' directory on the server, you should add that it is necessary to upload the file 'config/VERSION' - since you cannot update without this file as well.

  • 2. After updating there is an instruction page for uploading few files, and it has two mistakes:
    • themes/default/style.tpl --> should be: style.css
    • themes/default/style-min.tpl --> should be: style.min.css

Thanks a lot - shian

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