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by shian, Friday, September 25, 2020, 15:41 (435 days ago) @ me

Hi! Great looking forum, its the best ive ever seen even of paid ones. I have a stupid question tho, might as well ask. So, I am looking for a simple text board type forum like this. The idea is that i have one forum for each of the 52 states in the usa. So with about 52 main categories, (each state) should i make a separate directory for each category and run a new instance of My Little Fourum, with a different mysql database for each category? I didn't know if having so many separate mysql databases would be too much for the server.

Stupid question requires stupid answer:

Probably there is a third answer beyond my knowledge. I know nothing about Internet.

52 SQL databases is simply 52 files, nothing else. What can be "too much" for the server is 52,000 users online... right? So it depends on your server and on your payment. (Actually more on your payment... if you're rich then you can buy the server for yourself only).

Anyway, good luck!

P.s. You can make a single forum and a single category and call it NAU (North American Union) or USMCA (United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement), just like the EU (European Union). Maybe that was the third and most brilliant stupid answer ever. One more: just call it SD (Sustainable Development | Slow Death).

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