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by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, September 02, 2020, 14:08 (1321 days ago) @ shian


People expect too much.
When you expect too much it's a sign that you don't know what you really want or need.

The lack of a responsive design is a great thing. We are human beings - not androids.

No, I have to disagree. Because we are human beings, it should be a matter of course to support displaying the forum on different devices with different techniques.

As an example, look at my (not yet complete) theme and load the test forum in your desktop browser in different browser window sizes and (if available) in your smartphone browser. You'll see the forum is readable on all devices in all browser windows sizes without the need to zoom the page. That's what we need for the forum as default (not coercively this implementation).

Tschö, Auge

Trenne niemals Müll, denn er hat nur eine Silbe!

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