Exactly how to upgrade (update) MLF to new version? (Technics)

by AlmostAnonymous, Thursday, May 07, 2020, 04:51 (1444 days ago)


I attempted an upgrade to the latest code a few months ago and it was a real mess. I had to restore my board from backups.

All I see for instructions is from the Github page "Run the installation script by accessing yourdomain.tld/forum/install/ in your web browser and follow the instructions."

Skeptical that this is all there is to it for an upgrade (upgrading an existing site with DB settings and many messages plus data such as avatars I don't want to wipe out.)

So I would like to understand the exact procedure to follow all in one place.


- Got a live MLF site as the top URL under a domain.
- Version of current site: 2.4.13
- I just grabbed 2.4.21.


- Is a direct upgrade between the two versions possible or do I need an intermediate upgrade?

- Does your upgrade also upgrade the MySQL DB in-place without any backup/restore needed?

- Do I just copy the new MLF files on top of the web directory of the existing site and overwrite my old files with your new ones. And then run the /install noted above? I note that db_settings.php in the install is a dummy but a diff shows that the DB settings themselves (host et) are all that are different in my version. What else can be trashed on the current site by writing over?

I had a lot of trouble with this process before and I thought I followed the instructions but apparently I didn't do everything needed. The site stopped working (forget the issue) and I restored everything from a backup.

Sorry for the somewhat irritating newbie time waster style step by step request but I much of the support forum is in German and nothing that I found like a FAQ pulls these issues together.


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