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by Auge ⌂, Monday, November 18, 2019, 16:27 (1290 days ago) @ me


Absolutely. Also, php 7.4 is avail now, and this forum will not load on php7.4. I just found this form, and it is very impressive looking, a true gem. Html5 is an absolute standard, you are right.

Sorry to disagree. Nowadays standard is at least PHP 7.1, better 7.2 or newer. The last version in the PHP-5-branch, that got security fixes was 5.6 up to the last year, so now, in 2019 (and later), it can't be any standard at all.

Additionally question, why should MLF break with PHP 7.4? Do you have any experience with MLF under PHP 7.4?

Tschö, Auge

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