The best way to upgrade with custom code (General)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, October 04, 2019, 10:51 (1338 days ago) @ kuzma


I have a number of modifications made to the forum's code to fit my needs. Like messages sorting order or video tagging, etc.

What will be the best way to upgrade the forum code and preserve my modifications?

Create own code build on Github?

It would be a possible way to create your own repository of My Little Forum. I can imagine the following structure (short description).

- Our master branch is the master of your repository.
- There should be branches for each of your changes.
- A copy of the master, name it i.e. "myforum_[version]", is the branch to merge your changes in.
- For each new version, you want to adapt your own features on, you have to branch a new copy of the then relevant tagged status in the master.

You then can try to merge your feature branches into the copy of the master (myforum). If you'll find merge conflicts –and it's unrealistic to assume that you'll not find conflicts– you have to solve them by adapting the masters changes to your own features. Doing it this way ismandatory because it is possible to break forum functions otherwise. Working in a copy of the MLF-master is recommended because you are so able the keep the clean MLF code and to adapt your changes only to a copy that you can delete without destroying anything.

By the way, if you want only to maintain your own project, you can work locally with a clone of our repository. You'll not need an online repository for example on Github. Only if you want to want to contribute to MLF in itself a Github-based repository is recommended.

If you have further questions, please ask here.

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