relative image path in RSS feed (Bugs)

by Mardor ⌂, Monday, May 20, 2019, 10:48 (1740 days ago) @ Auge

It's a bit late, but I just noticed that I have the same problem.

The RSS feeds produced by rss.inc.php (at least up to version 2.4.11) includes image URLs as relative paths. They should become prefixed by the forum_address setting instead.

I added the following line 54 in rss.inc.php:

$rss_items[$i]['text'] = str_replace('src="images', 'src="'.$settings['forum_address'].'images', $rss_items[$i]['text']);

It's a bad hack and there should be a more adequate way to do this, so I would appreciate to receive a comment about a better solution.


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