update 2.3.4 -> 2.3.5 fails (General)

by Auge ⌂, Saturday, April 27, 2019, 17:46 (1500 days ago) @ Nico Hoffmann


I could do a fresh install of a version 2.3.5, or 2.3.7 or whatever (using another db-prefix).

Take version 2.3.7 for a clean install.

Then, I could take a backup from my currently running 2.3.4 forum and restore it in the newly installed version. That would avoid using the update procedure.

Import a backup of your database content, not of your forum. ;-) And take the change in the settings table, described in my reply to Micha, into account (second last paragraph of the posting).

Of course, I would have to adapt look and feel of the new version, but in total it might be less trouble.

Your idea looks promising. I don't know, which and how many changes you made in the theme. During the development of the 2.4-branch we introduced several changes to the default theme, namely security relevant fields in most of the forms. We have a changelog for the default theme starting with version 2.4.6. It shows not every change since 2.3.4 but it nevertheless might be helpful.

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