No postgresql. (Features)

by pdp-7, Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 07:48 (445 days ago) @ Auge

All of the three ways are not subject of this project. Only if someone comes with a reasonable draft or (better) a production ready pull request we can discuss the proposed way.

True all that what you say about the maintenance and such it's all the time tightrope walking with the features and resources such.

I was kinda surprised that there was no talk about one on the forum either. But then again data bases are something I have grown hate to since 90's :)

Like now I have situation where I can't deploy this little forum on the project I'm working on, since server runs just Postgres and only Postgres.

But like stated earlier that's not your fault. It's the system that is broken :)

I'll continue hangaround on the forum and might install this forum somewhere in the future.

MOV AX,5301
INT 15
MOV CX,0102
INT 15
MOV AX,5307
MOV BX,0001
MOV CX,0003
INT 15

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