Disable image/link posting for unregistered user? (Design/Themes)

by AlmostAnonymous, Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 19:26 (1978 days ago) @ Micha

Thank you. That's very helpful and I think I understand that mod.

Is this code sample called at posting time or at the time the post is displayed on the forum? It appears to be at posting time.

Beside the adjusted php sources, you have to modify the SMARTY code, to restrict the buttons.

Or I could allow unregistered users to post images and simply allow the parsing to eat the disallowed tags, right?

If this button change really is necessary - As I mentioned I'm not conversant with smarty so it's nearly impossible at my current level of understanding to find that code. Can you at least list the source file and the identifier(s) near where I would do this?

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