Web server of the project site buggy or is it the forum? (General)

by Auge ⌂, Thursday, February 07, 2019, 14:08 (1331 days ago) @ Magma


Doing what you said makes the Forum settings link work but the language is on Chinese and every text field is empty then clicking on advanced settings goes to an empty page with just an ok or submit button.

I updated the project forum before I wrote the former posting. I tested the result and I saw the settings page and it looked as intended and it do it also now (screenshot taken at 2019-02-07 13:46 UTC).


The settings array was renamed in version 2.4.19 from $settings to $edSet in the script (admin.inc.php) and in the HTML-template admin.inc.tpl for the settings section. There is the user edit section where $settings is still in use!

Are you sure to update also the template? Please check, if the template contains the following code in line 11:

<td class="d"><input type="text" name="forum_name" value="{$edSet.forum_name|escape}" size="40" /></td>

If you see the follwing code instead …

<td class="d"><input type="text" name="forum_name" value="{$settings.forum_name|escape}" size="40" /></td>

… the template is outdated.

But as you said, you experimented with restoring the version 2.4.18(.1?) you possibly mixed up files from the both versions? I ask, because the advanced settings page got no change but in the admin.inc.php the name of the variable, passed to the template changed. See therefore the template section for the advanced settings, beginning with line 232 and for comparing the old with the new code, the admin.inc.php of version and version 2.4.19

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