Version 2.4.19, PHP error because of an undefined index (Bugs)

by Juanma @, Alicante (Spain), Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 14:41 (1286 days ago) @ Auge

Good afternoon and thank you very much for your interest in helping me solve my problem.
I made a new clean installation and I kept giving the same problem and I think it will be because of my local server which is very outdated. What I did next was to make a clean installation but with the "install.sql" of version and everything works perfect, but of course, in "mlf2_temp_infos" the tables "next_daily_actions" and "last_version_check" no longer exist access_permission_checks ".
May I have to update my mysql from version 5.6.20 to a more advanced one? Or I do not know if it's something from the configuration of my local server.
I apologize if my English is not very readable because I use the google translator and only God knows what that translator will be saying.

Thank you again.:ok:

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