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by Alfie ⌂ @, Vienna, Austria, Monday, February 04, 2019, 10:32 (752 days ago) @ Fibonacci

Hi Fibonacci,

Your "Latest Post" page is perfect.

THX. ;-)

Would be nice if it can be made wider …

Since my forum has a scientific background, rarely – if ever – it is accessed from mobile devices. Hence, I have no responsible design yet and implemented min- and max-width in the CSS to support readability. Very long lines are difficult to follow (and bad typography).

… or carry much more latest posts.

In the database query I used

blahblah LIMIT 0, 20

One option would be to increase the limit or – possibly in a very active forum – limit it to posts of the last 24 hours.
Another hint: In my forum only registered users can post. As usual there are also categories which are either not public (only visible to registered users) or only accessible for mods/admins. Since the link Latest Posts is shown for everybody the script excludes posts in the respective categories. Otherwise, clicking on one of them would lead to the main page – which is confusing.
Furthermore, I suggest search engines not to index this page. In the header I use:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">

Also i see you have a statistics page […]

Check out this one which gives the top 15 (instead of 10) results. That’s a test-page which times the queries / section. Forget the countries (obtained by geo­location of the IP; extremely slow and not available in mlf2 anyhow). But also note that my forum has ~19,000 posts from ~1,300 users. In a substantially larger forum the query for the “Top Posters” could get prohibitively slow.

Is this a feature on current MLF?


I wish to ask if your forum theme freely available for use by others?

Be aware that I’m running a heavily modified version 1.8 of mlf. No themes there. Therefore, no.

Alfie (Helmut Schütz)
BEBA-Forum (v1.8β)

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