Request: "Back To Forum Index" also at the bottom of page (General)

by Alfie ⌂, Vienna, Austria, Monday, February 04, 2019, 09:00 (1334 days ago) @ Fibonacci

Hi Fibonacci,

Is it possible to include a link at the bottom of page for "Back To Forum Index".

[image]IMHO, makes sense. Similar to the MLF-AddOns project forum and the semi-transparent arrow in my forum.
I’m so used to it that I always miss it here. ;-)

In my forum posts can get very long as well. Hence, I have another arrow which links to the top of the post (within a thread). Currently only implemented in “Mix view” (which is similar to “Table view” here). Try it e.g., in this thread (scroll down in each post and see what happens).
Unfortunately it is not 100% cross-browser safe but works at least in all I have tested (Windows: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari; Android: Chrome, Firefox).

Alfie (Helmut Schütz)
BEBA-Forum (v1.8β)

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