Request : Sorting of Table View headers (General)

by Fibonacci, Australia, Monday, February 04, 2019, 07:43 (555 days ago) @ Auge

As you said. I asked, why one wants to weight the threads accordingly to number of views or replies. What is the outcome?

Thanks Auge,

The reason for me personally is to allow for analysis such as:

1. Which posts have most views to determine popularity and turning into a separate page or category

2. Which posts have most replies same as above but also to maybe clean redundant useless replies.

3. Which posts has little views and or little replies to allow for deletion or clean up.

The above is mainly for review and maintenance of forum.

Also as a reader i assume one would like to know which topics are popular so i can read them to see what or why they are popular in views or replies.

Again i apologies if i seem over zealous with MLF. It is because i am long time user of forums since late 90's and i always wish to have threaded like view of forum from the old 90's and now by accident i found MLF and am a little excited by it.


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