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by BrianC @, Monday, July 02, 2007, 12:30 (5192 days ago)

Dear all,

Does anybody know if there is an easy way to facilitate the use of the html in posts. In other words, advanced users could make use of html rather than relying exclusively on the fairly limited variables offered through bb code? Our board is now going gangbusters with 5152 Postings in 1016 Threads accumulated over 12 months. We have made some adaptations to the bbcode already to offer greater options than was available in the earlier versions. Some of our advanced users though would appreciate the ability to incorporate tables and have more control over image placement.

In broad terms we are delighted with the operation of My Little Forum with the exception of an ongoing problem that users are "logged out" if they have the posting window open for too long and then end up losing what can be often an hours work composing a post. Our discussion forum is about theological and philosophical issues so the posts are frequently quite long and it operates on a very different basis to how a "chat board" might operate. To overcome what seems to some inherent problem with MLF we try to warn users to compose their posts, particularly long posts, in an external word processor.

We have tried other forums, such as PHPBB, but universally our users far prefer the layout and style that is possible utilising MLF.

Cheers, BrianC

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