Version 2.4.17 - "Invalid request - please try again!" (General)

by Auge ⌂ @, Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 07:53 (742 days ago) @ Magma


I hit another problem since updating :-( This applies to guests or users using the admin contact form and for users who email each other through the forum

Guest or Users who have an obscure email address like for example one that ends with the domain .email they get an error when submitting the form


Invalid request - please try again!

Please look into the script contact.inc.php (on your server!) and compare the lines 91 (ff.) with the shown code. The line 92 contains the only one occurence of the language key for "Invalid request - please try again!" (error_invalid_form) in this script. If you'll find the key error_invalid_form somewhere around line 84 and not in line 92 please upload the schript contact.inc.php from the 2.4.17-archive to the server again.

Code up to version 2.4.16 starting with line 83:

if (empty($_SESSION[$settings['session_prefix'].'user_id'])) {
  if (empty($_SESSION[$settings['session_prefix'].'formtime'])) $errors[] = 'error_invalid_form';
  else {
    // several instructions

Code of version 2.4.17, starting with line 91:

if (!isset($_SESSION[$settings['session_prefix'] . 'receipt_timestamp_difference']) || intval($_SESSION[$settings['session_prefix'] . 'receipt_timestamp_difference']) <= 0)
  $errors[] = 'error_invalid_form';
  else {
    // several instructions

Tschö, Auge

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