Set own checking question & answer (KEY) in registration (General)

by M8, Friday, November 30, 2018, 18:14 (263 days ago) @ Auge

Thank you

To be able to invite further people could be a nice feature.

I mean that. We can make GROUPS. I especially invite people who wants to get key. I can invite people that already being in forum. I can do groups in one click by sending them key.
There are people who do not follow the rules in some projects. For example, projects about astrology and predictions have a lot of inappropriate people. I can give them a separate open access forum.

KEY only in english and numbers.

So, second question is, if I can (and how?) easily check users passwords for last 6 (or more) digits if they similar for key 123456 ? And it will be secure and simple. Example user enters password "mlvjjk1234" - false. "vhjkl123456" - true. But in database we have passwords without key. So in login page we dont need to enter key.

I solved my problem by this: (but have some problems, read after)

In Modules - Captcha - Captcha.php
Find this and add *12345;//* where I did here but without "*"
// for math CAPTCHA:
function generate_math_captcha($number1from=1,$number1to=10,$number2from=0,$number2to=10)
$number[0] = rand($number1from,$number1to);
$number[1] = rand($number2from,$number2to);
$number[2] = *12345;//* number[0] + $number[1];
return $number;

So we have KEY. But only numbers. It is ok.
Question, is it secure? Can someone of visitors get it without permision easily?

But problem here, I dont find where (file and line) I can change text in front of entering field for numbers. To tell people "Enter key" and delete the mathematics question. Please help.

About more than one answer. We can compare answer to several variables.

Your forum for today is maybe the best.
So I have one question, if your forum have strong security? In comparison with phpbb. What is difference.

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