Set own checking question & answer (KEY) in registration (General)

by M8, Thursday, November 29, 2018, 14:53 (324 days ago)

Set own checking question and answer (KEY) in registration and guest posting

The most wanted thing that I need to do.
Please if it is not hard for you, help me : )
How can I set at least one of my own question and the answer to it, instead of a mathematical question when registering and sending a post as a guest?
Please tell me which files to edit. If you can specify everything how to do it.
Sorry for my English.

This is necessary to protect against bots, some can bypass the math question and send messages as a guest.
A picture with characters too difficult for guests to edit every time.

And most importantly, to be able to automatically register a group of people by handing out a key to them, by mail.
And guests could only read.
: ) I tried to edit some files, but it is hard for me.

Ideally in future, release the option of several questions and with the ability to write several possible answers for each. (europe, europ)
Not case sensitive.

Thank you very much for this great forum. Release ...14 !

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