Noob friendly? (General)

by Jj, Wednesday, October 03, 2018, 18:11 (603 days ago) @ Auge

None, if you don't want to change the theme more than here and there or want to add further pages via the forums pages function. In both cases, theme changes and pages, you'll need skills in HTML, CSS and perhaps in JavaScript.

Sounds good. I'll probably just want to change maybe some colors, fonts, and maybe add a banner, etc. I have messed around with a tiny bit of CSS and HTML in the past, so maybe I can figure stuff out...

The host has to support PHP and MySQL and, for sending e-mails, the PHP-function mail (not every hoster supports the function).

Okey, thanks for your answers!
Say, is it possibly somehow to try the script out without a web host? Just to see if I manage. And, if so, can I transfer everything to a host afterwards, without starting from scratch?
Thanks again!

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