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About second question
For example, the registration page says "sum two numbers a + b". How can I hide a and b, so that the data was only on the hosting, and I myself could establish what is equal to a and b, or what is the correct answer?
Can the answer be a word?
Can there be several possible words, so that each one is correct?

And as an option this is antispam.
How can I ask my question instead of writen?

I really need this option. In my forum can be many users. I need give some of them access by email without pre-moderation.

Ideally, you need to make a separate option for entering your questions and answers. It is desirable that several variants of the answer can be entered for each question.

TIP for future forum updates:
Above the post in a motionless place (loading other post does not change position) in the tree-like forum it is necessary to put Next and Previous button. So that in a tree-like forum do not click on the links of topics. And sometimes one-touch read the next or previous one.
In mobile devices, it's hard to click on the links when they're near.
Click on the link should be mostly when choosing a specific answer. And answers to the answer are often flipped through. And very uncomfortable.

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