Background (Design/Themes)

by Sla @, Saturday, September 15, 2018, 12:11 (1341 days ago)

I need a transparent background under the entire forum. Including the top. So that you can insert your background image without scrolling. If anyone knows, tell me how to do it in detail. You can give the finished file. There are no messages on my forum. Only installed.

(sorry for my English, I'm writing through an interpreter)

Second, when registering, I need to ask my question and the answer to it, to make the forum only for the invited. So that it was not necessary to add them to the groups manually on the forum.
It would be nice to at least make access to writing messages in certain sections only for people who have been tested once by a special password that is issued by the administrator. Not to create a separate forum for these purposes.

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