Incorrect version number after update (General)

by Wolly, Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 16:15 (745 days ago) @ Auge

Ah, perfect. I should have thought of that. I tested another install of 2.4.6 and got the same error message when running the update script:

"Error in line 291: The version you want to install (see string in config/VERSION) must be greater than the current installed version. Current version: 2.4.6, version you want to install: 2.4.6. Please check also if you uploaded the actual file version of config/VERSION. Search therefore for the file date and compare it with the date from the installation package"

config/VERSION said 2.4.6, and it worked when I changed it to 2.4.13. Perhaps it should be included in the instructions that you have to change config/VERSION to the version you want to install to as well?

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