forum is sending out spammails, plz help! (Technics)

by Auge ⌂, Sunday, September 09, 2018, 11:26 (1841 days ago) @ salvis


The host provider of our homepage and forum makes a complaint to us due to my little forums sending out spam emails. We have temporarily disabled our forum to stop any activity till we could come to any solution. Could you suggest some?

The software is able to send e-mails to the forum operator via the contact-form (link in the footer of each page) and to each user, if she/he allows it (the e-mail-icon in the users profile page and in her/his entries). Furthermore the forum sends e-mails automatically in the case of the registration of a new user and the writing of a new forum entry.

As candleman stated in german language (I expect you not to be able to read it) this can lead to sending from a few e-mails to several hundred e-mails per day. He also described the interim solution to disable the function to notify a user about answers with an e-mail (should lower the amount of messages considerable) until version 2.5 is out (that takes a while). In this major version update we want to add an SMTP-class that circumvents sending e-mails with PHP over the sendmail interface of the webserver. Sending the e-mails via SMTP instead seems to be the way that is favoured by the most hosting companies.

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