preview.png has disappered, updated and figured out (General)

by Micha ⌂, Tuesday, July 03, 2018, 07:59 (1021 days ago) @ Auge


I will alter the input names for the registration- and login-forms today.

As far as I know, the login form doesn't us honey pots.

Are there further forms, where we need to alter the names?

The posting-form (at least for unregistered users) should be reworked, too.

What do you think about hashing the field names? In template, we can use {$string|md5} and in PHP, we just use md5($string). MD5 is just an example (we can use every crypt/hash function) but MD5 is supported by smarty _and_ PHP. The benefit is, that the field names are still readable in the source code, i.e. $_POST[md5("email")] is more readable than $_POST['dkjhfhf324rkj'].


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