GDPR, discussion about the data privacy statement (General)

by Auge ⌂ @, Sunday, April 29, 2018, 16:05 (878 days ago) @ Micha


- If a forum supports TeX-notation in entries and a visitor requests an entry with a TeX-formula, a Google-service renders the TeX-formula on the fly into an image.

That's not true. The forum administrator selects the service for TeX-support. The google service is one possible service but not the only one.

O.k. I've no experience with TeX-formulas. I've only seen the Google-URL in the settings of the project forum. Whatever, at the moment an external service is in use.

Maybe, we should change this implementation. MathJax is an alternative TeX-service based on JavaScript.

I've used MathJax in another project. From the side of privacy we should include MathJax into the project. On the other hand one gets automatically the actual MathJax-version with the use of the CDN of the MathJax-project. When locally included, we have to provide the actual version when releasing a new version of MLF.

Sourcing the highlightning of code out to an external JS-library and with that to the users browser is another idea, I had. I used highlight.js in a company-internal-intranetsite. I found it very comfortable.

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