It does but it jumps afterwards (General)

by Auge ⌂ @, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 12:28 (476 days ago) @ Magma


Normally when you click 'open in thread' it locks to that post within the fully opened thread.

Just something I've noticed since going to 2.4.8 and ssl

As far as I know, we haven't changed anything that affects the thread displaying.

If you have quite a big thread with many Images it will lock to that post for a split second but as more Images load above and below that post it moves off that post without you touching the scroll wheel leading you to lose where in the thread that post was. It doesn't lock and stay locked to that post while things load in.

That's a normal behaviour in every browser with or without SSL in the case, that the sizes of the images are unknown during the load process.

If the image size is known (by providing width and height by attributes) the browser allocates the necessary area for the image. Otherwise the browser takes only the space to display a small placeholder and the content of the alt-attribute (normally with a height of a line of text) until the image is loaded. That makes the content stot when image for image gets loaded and takes it's space.

Checking the following posting I can see, that we do not provide the width and height attributes. See therefore this detail from the source code of the checked posting (the section with the two avatar placeholders).

<p>32x32 pixels:<br />
<img src="images/uploaded/201802120934355a815fab3ed85.png" alt="[image]" /></p>
<p>128x128 pixels:<br />
<img src="images/uploaded/201802120934505a815fbad04d4.png" alt="[image]" /></p>

Opened issue #356 for it.

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