Release of version 2.4.6, Example (General)

by Tommy Nilsson, Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 08:25 (335 days ago) @ Auge


This is, as far as I know, an always existing (mis)-behaviour.

No, I have a version 2.3 live here:
where it works as expected. Tested in Chrome and Edge.

It only seems to work, because when I open the thread in the whole-thread-view, the forum marks all messages of the thread as viewed. But this assumption is wrong.

I think that this is the way it should work.

As an example I opened the thread "exit mugabe" in your forum and read only the first two messages. Anyhow, all (actually) eight messages are marked as read.

Of course the forum canĀ“t detect if a user actually read all the postings. But I think we can assume that and mark the whole thread as read.

With the version 2.4 we replaced the old cookie or user-settings based read-marking with a new approach, that is browser based for non-registered users and database-based but independent from the user-settings for registered users. At that point we removed the set-all-read-behaviour. It's comprehensible to get a correct listing of the read postings from the visitors view. Actually neither the new nor the old behaviour comply the task.

Ok, that explains why the usual behavior stopped working. I guess I just have to stick with version 2.3 then.


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