Request for easier deletion of uploaded Images (Features)

by Magma @, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 19:54 (970 days ago)

Not sure if it can be done but just throwing the idea out there. My forum posters upload many Images and if I have to delete an Image I normally open the picture upload page, click "Browse uploaded images" and try to find the Image to click delete

This is ok if it's a recent upload but say it's been a few months since uploaded, it becomes Impossible doing it using the above method. Which means I have to login to the server cpanel and search for it there. This method is no good for moderators because I don't want them having access to the cpanel.

So can the picture upload "Browse uploaded images" page have a search feature for just only the admin and moderators whereby you can search using the Image filename 201705231416445924444cdb162.png to find the exact Image?

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