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by danielb987, Tuesday, April 04, 2017, 10:13 (354 days ago) @ Auge

The HTML-source states, that this forum is still on version 2.3.5 (2017-04-04 10:26 CEST). So it has (or had) "only" a good time.

I have noticed that several forums that is using My Little Forum has very old versions of the software. With very old, I mean 5 - 10 years since last update of the software.

A simple solution would be to have a text file with the version number, like "2.4.2" at the web server:

And when a forum administrator log in to the forum, the forum checks the compares the version of the forum with the file and displays that for the administrator.

It's not very often an administrator needs to go to the admin page of the forum, and then they do that, the administrators need to manually check the current version of the forum. This obviously doesn't work very well then not even My Little Forums own forum is up to date.

I understand that it requires more administration of the developers to keep this file up to date, but it would be very useful for administrators.

I did a google search on "powered by my little forum" with the quotes and found several forums with old versions, where many was older than 2.3.5 and therefore not compatible with PHP 7.

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